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Binder and Binder
Main address: National Headquarters 11788 Hauppauge NY
1-800-66-BINDER (662-4633), ,
  • 177+4 mobile complaints
  • $390K claimed losses
  • $2.1K average
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  • Jul 16
  • Lawyers
  • Unprofessional Service
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  • 5

Binder and Binder are the most ignorant bunch of *** I have ever heard of. They have screwed my father in ways I didn't even know was possible! !! How do you call a client to tell them they received the letter from the social security doctor and not even read it ? Isn't that common sense? But then again not everyone has that. Also they are very rude over the phone and very... Read more

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I was trying to set up an appeal but they said they needed 30 days notice for an appeal and I only have 17 days so they just hung up on me!!!!

  • Jul 16
  • Lawyers
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Paycheck
  • 31

After 2 years of them jerry jacking around I won my court case on April 2, 2014. As of May 4 2014, they have received their paycheck and I have not. Now I call and every time I put in my social they hang up. What's going on? Now that they have been paid I no longer exist? What's the deal. Perhaps I should ask for a refund as they haven't completed my case. Doesn't the ad say they don't get... Read more

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  • Jul 10
  • Lawyers
  • Winter Gardens, California
  • Incopetent Staff
  • 38

They require that you do the majority of the work. And if you case is won such as mine they provided the Social security administration with the wrong address. Even thought they had been warned not to do so, but their obtuse staff did so. Because of this I still haven't received my money and as far Binder & Binder is concerned they could not care less since they got their payment. Again,... Read more

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  • Jun 27
  • Lawyers
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Lawyer Service
  • 2
  • 60

I been with binder & binder since 2011 gave my paperwork from doctors the person who has my case never calls me back I had left several messages nothing ...I'm just wondering to give up on them and hire another lawyer because I saw t.v. commercial that they will help you with your case but I see it's not true now my doctor had diagnosed me with herniated disc and my case is in federal... Read more

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  • Jun 17
  • Lawyers
  • Lost Case
  • 173

I have been disable for five years, I hire Binder and Binder to help me because I heard SSD likes paper work to be worded in special ways. which I did not understand and was just to sick to deal with it. Two weeks before my hearing the light bulb lit Binder and Binder never bother to look at my case the entire time they had it never answer my calls, come to find out nine days before hearing they... Read more

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  • Jun 13
  • Lawyers
  • New York, New York
  • Bad Animal Care
  • 168

They also just lost my case, didnt have any of my medical ready, I wasnt prepared for my hearing. Went in hysterical for having to go thru the whole process couldnt gather my thoughts and they didnt hwlp me AT ALL!!! NOW WHAT? I wake up with pain EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE, had surgery on my spine, have lived on pain meds since 2008, am severely allergic to cold temps being in the cold can kill... Read more

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  • Jun 10
  • Lawyers
  • Englewood, Colorado
  • Social Security Service
  • 184

I signed up with binder and binder like he says on tv they deal with social security that's not true social security called me dealt with me not binder and binder and when I called my rep at binder and binder I got no where I did it not binder and binder I have letter from binder and binder to social security saying your not dealing with us so why should I have to pay $1200 to binder and binder... Read more

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I spent 6 years gravely ill and, at times near death, yet continued to be denied disability...when it was finally granted, I was shocked to find out Binder and Binder were slated to receive over $17,000!!! Even the SS rep was shocked at the amount. It took ages to get approved, I did all the leg work, and in the end my own representatives continue to try to take advantage of me! Stay Away from...

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