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B and B garbage having trouble go to Barry Schultz out of Evanston Illinois they will not quit on u and will see ur case through and specially deal will district court cases and hard to win cases I thank tom Nash for the referral

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In the beginning they were good, but then as soon as they screwed up my case, I never heard from them. Don't waste your time.

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They r the worse advocates ever as what they called them selves in letter talked to Jerry he personally told me I have a *** and tight case they did nothing I don eeverything lm now at the federal court level so guess who I'm calling that's right Nash disability please let's shut these guys down

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Horrible. Sent all my paper work in. I had to gain my own paper trail. Never spoke to the advocate until the day of court and she was unprepared. They are based in New York they had a advocate come from ohio

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Binder and Binder while reading the reviews reviews from clients that had a very bad experience with them try working for them this was the worst experience of my life I only work there 5 months but the way they treated their clients was horrible people losing their homes waiting years for cases people that shouldn't even have to wait for a case to come up it should have been approved right away nobody never knew what was going on the constant... Read more

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Binder & Binder had my case for 28 months, ( I'm 240% total from the VA, for lumbar,c-spine injuries, PTSD, Carpel Tunnel etc watc) after numerous appeals Binder & Binder informed me I needed to contact an attorney, I thought they were attorneys

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It took about 3-4 years, and alot of paper work, but it was well worth the wait.why are people who GOT their disability complaining? are these people alright in the head? C'mon, u got it, u won. retards.

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sum it all up the worst firm in the nation i had to pay for all my doctors papers very costly ! they dont call you and follow up almost six years to win my case now that they got paid im left in the dark to figure out how to get my benefits i allpied for there card to put my money on now i cant get it right away because there outside partner was not updated to my new address guess that was my fault since they only got 6 thousand dollars for... Read more

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im writing this as i sit on hold, i have been on hold for the past week every single time i call and than i constantly get disconnected after waiting for 20 minutes or more. and returned phone calls, FORGET THAT, it NEVER happens!!! i was told 2 weeks before my hearing i had a new attorney, i met him once for 2 minutes before the hearing and he did absolutely nothing for me in the hearing. im calling now because i know a decision was made in my... Read more

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Thank you for not doing your jobs right from the beginning messing up at every turn getting my husband denied multiple times because of your lack of action. Oh and the lack of communication between everyone in your office is so helpful. I mean first there was one person to deal with and there assistant. Who by the way was the one who messed up in the first place. Then they changed to a different person again and then he got denied again. So... Read more

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