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oh yes , we can take care of your needs. Just get all of your medical files , send them to us, and we will process this a.s.a.p..

2 months later, here, sign this medical release. 18 months later, send them letter stated ( you are fired, would not have your firm wipe my *** ) half of my records never sent to SS. 3 yrs now, and 3 more medical appts this month. my case has been listed as dire need and being expedited.

right. Epilepsy sucks. try it sometime. No work, no Pay.

can't even see a doctor .

not a *** thing. If not for my wife, I would of stuck my 45 to my ear and been dead along time ago.

Review about: Binder And Binder Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Just found out I was denied my

disability claim after 3 yrs! The Judge was a real nut job too.

If I told you what my disability was. You would not believe I was denied. The system is all wrong!

Binder and Binder are the worst attorneys out there. Pls find someone else to take your case.


Depending on where you live, your local Public Assistance Office may help you apply for benefits, including Social Security.

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