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Binder and Binder's advertisement says there is no fee until we win your case to collect Social Security.

That coulldnt be farther from the truth.

I HAD to stop them from continuing because I could afford them anymore.


Couldnt afford it.


I would receive letters and phone calls saying they needed a check for $30 here and $50 there because this is what the hospitals require...etc.

Their "free" service does not include photo copy fees, medical record fees and any other fee that it takes to work on your case.

I actually fell for this for the first 2 years.

I would get letters asking for money BEFORE they would continue.

I called and was told that the percentage they get if they win your Social Security does NOT include fees needed for the paperwork to get to that point.

YOU as the consumer have to pay for that.

After several hundred dollars I had to stop them from going any further. I was giving up groceries to go even this far.

It's a total rip off.

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Interestingly enough, these fees are for medical records, however these records are for binder and binder. The government will request and receive these records for free.

If you can't afford it, don't pay. The main benefit that I found was after the case was won, they sent me all these records.


I filed with B and B back in June 2015. I also had calls for money for my medical records.

If they order them the fees are expensive. If you order them, they are free or minimal. They showed up for my hearing and my Lawyer was nice. B and B always calls me back.

Just a slow process which I know is not their fault. So I hope there is no added fees.

Just won my case so we will see when all is said and done. So far I like B and B.


they never ask me fore a dime, and won my case in 2 months

to Anonymous #1581785

Thank you. That is very helpful.


They do not pay for medical records. This is 100% legal. The Social Security Administration does not require attorneys and representatives to buy medical records and expert opinions for their clients.


I used to work for binder and binder. And I swear you clients should read what u sign.

Before we take your case you sign that you understand that you must pay for your OWN medical records. Why should they be responsible for paying.

What if u don't win because half the people who apply don't even have a case my ankle hurts I can't work. Get real and read.


Actually, law firms are not required to pay third-party fees. AND if it is listed in a signed fee agreement with the firm that third-party fees will not be covered then you certainly have to pay for them. I have worked for multiple firms, most of whom did not upfront the cost of third-party fees like medical records, and the one that did upfront the cost require repayment of these fees upon conclusion of the case.

Additionally, you cannot file a complaint with the state bar (I mean you can, but you won't get far). These fees are fees which offices require in getting your medical records.

Also, the longer that they hold up your case the more back pay they get is INACCURATE. Social Security fees are capped at a certain amount, so they can withhold your case for years and they still cannot get more than that maximum fee amount. If you case requires more levels of adjudication (continual denials) then yes they can petition for a fee greater than 25% of retro benefits, but maybe if you paid for the medical records which win the case, you wouldn't have that problem.

to Social Security Rep #1394191

What happens when you want to discharge binder and binder after years of incompetence and they won't release you from their fee agreement. No other law firm will take my case. I don't like being strong armed into staying with them!


So who's a good lawyer out here.Iam read the complains and iam very afraid.They r my lawyer. I hired them 2 months ago


They should not be charging you for doctors records. The reason they are allowed to get 25% of back benefits paid for you is that they take the case on contingency, which means they are responsible for all fees. If your doctor sends you a bill have them send it to the lawyer who requested the copies. It is the lawyers bill to pay, just like the filing fees and the cost of serving notices to parties, etc.

PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT with the State Bar AND with the department that licenses attorneys in your state. They can and should have their license to practice law in your state pulled. What is probably happening is that they have contractual agreements with smaller firms in your state, and they are charging either an up front fee for the referral (illegal no matter what they call it) or get such a large percentage of the final judgment as their commission for the referral (this is legal), that the local attorney is trying to cover the costs up front. Again, find out who else had been misrepresented by the specific attorney or firm, files suit for all money paid and damages. Getting several claimants lets you do it as a class action or you might bring it to the State's Attorney and Attorney General's office for violating state and federal law (Federal Laws cover how much lawyers can charge for helping you with a social security claim, and the rule that they can't charge you up front). Then search he papers for someone who has won big cases against powerful companies and ask them to take your case on a contingency basis. The lawyers are entitled to get paid for their "costs" but only after the case is settled, and the judge can limit the amount they get if the judge feels you are being overcharged.

I have a theory. Since they get paid "only when you get paid" and only out of back benefits, the longer they delay the case the more the amount of back benefits owed!

Find an advocate you trust, someone who is a workaholic and never gives up in an argument when they know they are right would be good. Give them a Limited Power of Attorney to handle this for you. Also write letters to your State and US Senator and Congressional Representative. I worked at the post office, and even if it is a staffer who gets the letter, it will be followed up on. Remember, these people need to be licensed in each state, they lose that privileged, they loose big time!


Allsup wouldn't take my case until I had a doctor write a note that I couldn't work anymore.


The only fees I have been charged are fees for doctor records. I was told up front I would have to pay for any reports or records so it was no surprise.

Nothing has been put on hold until records were received.

I'm very happy with Binder and Binder and feel very confident in them. I have a hearing before an ALJ on 1/26/11 and I feel, with B&B's help, I am going to win my case.


I just hate their sexist commercials. The male client has gone on a ski trip and, because of his vibrant personality, has injured himself.

B&B goes to Alaska to help out the dude.

The FEMALE clients, however, are an administrative assistant and a homemaker, and the B&B team treat them like poor, needy children. It's disgusting.


I have not been charged any additional fees. Only what the doctor charges for medical records.

My doctor charges $10.00 for the reports. I am happy so far with B&B.


You should use Allusp, not Binder and Binder. Allsup doesn't charge any additional fees at all.

to Greg #1331920

Allsup is a joke.

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