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I am disabled, and with the help of Binder and Binder Social Security attorneys, I was awarded Social Security benefits for a closed period of 17 months.The attorneys were paid their 30% but I didn't receive all of what I was awarded.

This was roughly 3 years ago & despite my numerous phone calls, they have done NOTHING to help me get the rest of my payment (aprox. $6,000.00)

Their policy is that the client isn't charged unless their case is won. They got their money!

It's not fair!No One there to help me!

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Sacramento, California, United States #961119

You can call your state's BAR dept and contact them that way.They will tell you what you can do or do it for you.

ALSO, if you are disabled, go to the social security office and talk with them.There are people who will help you and who can tell you what is going on with your money.

Orlando, Florida, United States #931962





to armor of god 777 #1075524


'gawd will punish' them.the 'gawd' n 'jesus' fables were tortured, literally forced onto slaves who are now still beating that drum even though you are not forced to.

Now millions killed in fraud 'wars' by the same cabal who made up the 'turn the other cheek' and 'gawd will punish them' nonsense.

No one is going to 'punish' them.

Also 'soc sec' is a scam, as is 'welfare' and 'government'. No one will stop it but you.

As for 'disability', where were you in stopping the fraud 'wars', the 'bailouts', the fact we are now being sprayed.

Ignorance has consequence.

You deserved no 'disability' anything, and the lawyers along with their banker and media cabal are going to take it all.thezog.info.

San Diego, California, United States #894829

I used B&B and won.I haven't heard anything from them since my court date...

I have no idea how much they charged me? I have no idea if they are still my representatives? I would like to cut ties with them now that I've won my case...

How do I "let them go" to make it legal?Thanks!


Binder and Binder helped me get my disability and also got their % but I did not get what I was owed therefore Binder and Binder walked away with more money than I did and will not help me get my retro money.I have been told by many people that who ever you hire is supposed to see it through to the end and also handle any reviews with charging extra, basically they are you advocates till the end.

They claim that once they are paid they are done with you.

Many have told me to go to the Pa board of Atty's to get help and there are many complaints against them for this reason.I to am in the same position!

to Unsatisfied Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #961117

You need to go to social security..after you have won your case...After I have won my case those *** never called me..other then to submit what I had owe them..if it was lefted up to me i wouldnt give them a *** dime....they were NOT WORTH THE INK OR THE PAPER THEY HAVE THERE NAME ON. I dont even think they are lawyers....my so call advocate should had talked with me before my case was to go into court...The judge was so discussed with his behavior..I had to wait another 18 months before the next hearing......lousy ***..


The only time you need a lawyer with SSA is

1. You have a hearing within 30 days


2. You're mentally retarded or certifiably insane


3. You're unable to speak English or Spanish or you're unable to read and write.

If you get a lawyer for any other reason, you're just wasting your money or taxpayer money and you're wasting your caseworker's time. Most lawyers do NOTHING USEFUL until the hearing anyway. When they try to do something they just get in the way and slow things down. They send duplicate documents. They usually insist that the caseworker not call you directly, even when that would be much quicker. They also fill out your forms in a ridiculous way that makes it sound like you're totally exaggerating your case.

If you have filed a claim and you really are disabled, simply PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL SSA. Ask to speak to the examiner who has your case. Tell them you want to help and ask them what documents they've received and what they're missing. Go to your DOCTOR and ask them to WRITE A STATEMENT saying whether you can work or not and what's wrong with you.

If you get denied for benefits, go to the Social Security office and appeal the decision. The people there at the office will help you fill it all out right. Ask them to give you a copy of your file on CD. They'll give it to you free and you can see exactly what happened.


I'm scared to death.My hearing is in 4 days.

I just found out on here that they (B&B) aren't even lawyers. They have lost records for me. I have had 4 different morons doing the call answering for my important questions. When I asked if an attorney would be with me at the hearing I was told "a representative would be there" what the *** is a representative.

I don't know why they get paid a dime. I have gotten all my medical records, I have done all the calling and yet they are "Owed" money....BS.

I'm scared cause on monday I feel like I will be the lawyer.Shame on this group for making Americans believe they are lawyers.

to Michael K #790849

The same exact thing happened to me!I did all the foot work and even delivered checks to Dr's cause they lost them or the Dr's never got them and they had the nerve to ask me for more money for records that they supposedly sent checks to and said they would put a check in the mail to cover the extra money I put out.

I just laughed and asked them where was I suppose to get it if I wasn't working!! I even asked if they switched you around to different people to drag out your case so they made more money off your retro! Of course not I was told.

Binder & Binder should not receive a dime till all your retro money is in order and ready to send out to you and not a minute before!

I'm sure there are a lot more people in our shoes and they should be sued over the mental and emotional problems they cause!


I have not had any satisfactory results with Binder and Binder. My case has been before the Social Security Administration now for almost 14 months. I was told one thing by one person and then something different from my "case worker". When I call to find out the status and start asking questions she acts like I am bothering her and wasting her time. I am not a stranger to the legal system but the SSA can be rather daunting so I trusted a firm that I was under the understanding was a law firm. Come to find out they are not Board Certified Attorneys. I have not been able to work now for almost 2 years. I have depleted my savings and have had to resort to community services in Houston to pay my rent and assist with my electric. I can not get SNAP assistance and rely on food pantries to eat. I have called and plead my situation with the Binder and Binder, no I have begged them to tell me where my case is in the system and when is it going to be heard by an ALJ because i am starving. I was told that "we" don't want to argue and upset the ALJ because he may render an unfavorable decision.

What ever happened to the "you have hard all your life and now cant

't work so you deserve what you have paid into the system" *** that they advertise. I will tell you exactly what has happened, I placed my faith in a shyster firm to represent me.

I have had to get the letters from my doctors myself and believe me the doctors detest that firm and it has been like...

People these guys are rip offs and should be prosecuted for fraudulently presenting themselves as a law firm and as a firm dedicated to protecting your rights.

It is clear and plain when one reads what the SSA requires to be eligible for benefits. I suffer from a disease which has an out come ending in death and has met the requirements of chronic by more than the year the SSA specifies and have a secondary liver disease that is requiring at least a year of chemotherapy. My disability case should have been an open and shut case.

Please do your research on this firm before you fall victim as many of us have.

If anyone knows information about the class action law suit please forward your information to me at jdrinning@gmail.com.

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