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I am disabled, and with the help of Binder and Binder Social Security attorneys, I was awarded Social Security benefits for a closed period of 17 months.The attorneys were paid their 30% but I didn't receive all of what I was awarded.

This was roughly 3 years ago & despite my numerous phone calls, they have done NOTHING to help me get the rest of my payment (aprox. $6,000.00)

Their policy is that the client isn't charged unless their case is won. They got their money!

It's not fair!No One there to help me!


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you say you go after the ssid for us. I'm geting no help from you at all


I need help my other Attorney droped me Ineed a new Attorney I'm going for my Social Security Insurens Disability. I'm noelogily impaired I have alot of info on me that I can give you you can call me or email me ether way my number is (423)949-9554 and my email is lonewolf1824@yahoo.com my name is Robert A Pugliese II I had a little help with this letter that I'm writing to you.

to Robert A Pugliese II Jacksonville, Florida, United States #629262

you can tell by your letter that your a faker ....


Maybe because i'm in new york, i havent had any of the issues you guys are complaining about.So far its been going well for me.

binder and binder has answered every call, they got all my medicals themselves. All i did was just wait. Right now my case has gone all the way to the federal level and has been remanded back to the appeals council. Im just praying that it gets approved by the ALJ, because my pain is debilitating and its caused me to become a very angry person.

All in all binder and binder appears to be doing what they are suppose to do in my case.

I'm truly sorry for all of you who is having issues with them.I pray that everything works out for you all.


WOW,!! After reading everybodies comments about B&B,

it sure has changed my mind on using them for my SSD Appeals.

I did email them though and have nog hottrn a response yet.

Thanks again


Was told today by BindMe & BlindMe that they are NOT a lawfirm but an ADVOCACY firm.The medical establIShment hates them.

Class Action lawsuit is in order.At MYy ALJ hearing the B&B 'whatever' ask three or four questions and not one of them was "would he miss work three or mOOr days a month with this condition?" They want tOO gOO tOO the AC sOO they get mOOr moNEy.


My hearing is coming up soon and I have decided that if my case is denied ( again, or I wouldn't be having a hearing ) for SSDI...

I will then fire Binder & Binder from representing me any further. I wish I would have NEVER hired them.

I hope for the best outcome at the hearing - but at this point, I am ready to take action if unfavorable.

Anyone know the correct protocol in addition to a letter notifying them of my decision? Should copies be sent elsewhere and if so, who or where?

Thank you for any assistance in this.


Thanks Kim for the information.


I too was glad I checked with this site before calling B & B...I called Allsup.

I was approved in 5 mos first time around. They charge the same as B & B but you can call them anytime. You don't have to get your med. recs.

they do it. You sit at home and rest. The most work I did was call and let them know I had a drs appt. It really disgusts me to see all these ppl get strung along for years I believe on purpose to make B & B pay higher.

The longer you wait the higher their 25% is. I know is says $ 6,000, but keep reading folks. I've read court docs on line $ 10,000 or $ 6,000 per person so if you have kids.... Also, if you fire them cuz they don't get the job done and hire someone who will, allsup or a local attny...

they will fight for their 25% anyways. I just read a case about a Joanne in 1998 and Binder fought 10 yrs for $ 1200. They made $ 88,000,000 off of us last yr ppl. google binder on wsj.com fraud will come up..

and ppl that were awarded might now have to pay the money back??

blew my mind.Good luck to you.


can anyone suggest a professional attorney in los angeles ca who can help in filing for my social security. i see too many tv commercials of these sharks, is how i came to this site i had called binder&binder and they left me onhold too long i hung up and thought let me check their reviews, i am shocked, Thank you all for your posts to protect others.

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