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I am disabled, and with the help of Binder and Binder Social Security attorneys, I was awarded Social Security benefits for a closed period of 17 months.The attorneys were paid their 30% but I didn't receive all of what I was awarded.

This was roughly 3 years ago & despite my numerous phone calls, they have done NOTHING to help me get the rest of my payment (aprox. $6,000.00)

Their policy is that the client isn't charged unless their case is won. They got their money!

It's not fair!No One there to help me!


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iam with B&B and they are taking to long it's been almost 4 years,this is y iam here to see if they been milking this case.

how can you find out if they have postpond my case with out me knowing?






I just got off the phone with one them and agreed to send them inf.on my health condition but I had a gut feeling and decided to look for reviews and came across this site, how happy I am for following that gut feeling, it sound to good to be true B&B and seams like thats exactly what it is TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

I will not being doing business with does clowns, Thanks to all you good people out there and hope everyone of you get the help you need soon!Again Thank you very much


Hello i"m writting this letter in regards to some of the complaints i have read on line concerning your firm. i am a present client of yours and quite frankly am a little concerned with what i have read.When i started my journey for lawyers re:disability claims i read and believed you guys were the best.i still believe,and hope that you will do all that is possible for me to win my case,with no unforseen fees that may pop up. Thank you!


I want to hear from anyone who IS HAPPY WITH B&b.Have had them for only 5 months, but what I've just read with these complaints has me worried.

What happens if i stop using them and go with an private atty???My email is 1toyotadriver1@gmail.com


Well i have been going through the same issues with a inner city attorney that played me so bad that i contacted b and b and they have decided to take my case. I put it in the lords hands now that they will take care of there business!! thanks binder and binder!!!!!


This is to everyone that is having problems with B&B. Even though you have them supposedly working on your case the best thing you can do is contact your local congressman and let them know that you have been waiting 2-3 years for a hearing. I did! Within a week I got a call from them telling me I had a date and time for my hearing! It was only 5 weeks away! I got there and my lawyer came early to discuss the case with me. (yes, he was an actual lawyer,I asked for his credentials) We had the hearing with the ALJ for 2 hours or so. Within 2 weeks I got a letter from SS stating my case was APPROVED!!! I will be getting appr. $34,000.00 in back pay and $1653.00 a month thereafter. I even got a letter today telling me I will get a check for the $250.00 raise passed in "2009"!!! $6000.00 will go to B&B but at least I am DONE having to deal with these JERKOFF'S!!!! CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN PEOPLE!!! It will be the best move you ever made!

Maybe I just got lucky as far as B&B goes??? Who knows???


Good luck,


to Andrew #587274

Andrew I did the exact same thing I waited for B&B to find out a date on my hearing and got no where!I wrote my local Congressman and explained my situation and how If I did not get a hearing soon I would be in the Street!

I got a call from their office the day they received my letter ,on the same day faxed them a Hippa form and within 2 weeks I was scheduled for my hearing much earlier then I was told with an approximate time.. I did win my case I am still waiting for an award letter so I can give you no feedback on that, but amazingly my local Congressman called a few weeks ago to see how I did!!

DEFINITELY write your Congressman they have Reps that care and will help you get that date faster then B&B Great Advice Andrew if I did not do it myself I probably would not believe it!Congrats and hope you are feeling better in the last few years!


I worked for SSA as a Disability Examiner for 15 years before going to law school.I now do volunteer work for a non-profit representing people applying for disability in Atlanta.

ON the first or second level of appeal non-attorney representatives who have worked for SSA are the best representatives. The worst are the large companies who advertise on TV as they hire people who mean well but who have no knowledge and training in SSA Law. All they have is a college degree.

Usually they meet their client for the first time on the day of the hearing.

The key to choosing a representative is when you sign up with a representative is the name on the contract you sign the name of the person you are talking to or are you talking to a clerk or paralegal if so then do not sign and leave.If the lawyer will not meet with you when you sign the contract, then they will probably not return your calls later or contact you.


Binder and Binder were a nightmare for my husband.They changed "caseworkers" ALL THE TIME!

We had to resend information numerous times and when my husband was ready to walk in for a hearing, the "caseworker" stated, "This judge hates Binder and Binder!" After five years of us doing all the leg work, we were denied by the judge who "hates" Binder and Binder. My husband hired a new lawyer and had his disability in less than five months.

I would NEVER recommend Binder and Binder!I just want to warn consumers to think very carefully before getting mixed up with these clowns.

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