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I am disabled, and with the help of Binder and Binder Social Security attorneys, I was awarded Social Security benefits for a closed period of 17 months. The attorneys were paid their 30% but I didn't receive all of what I was awarded.

This was roughly 3 years ago & despite my numerous phone calls, they have done NOTHING to help me get the rest of my payment (aprox. $6,000.00)

Their policy is that the client isn't charged unless their case is won. They got their money!

It's not fair! No One there to help me!

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Binder and Binder is fullof ***.

The case worker are full of ***.

The Supervisors are on a power struggle

-It is in other words like highschool.

-The employees are treated like ***

So every one that actually thinks that they are helping you out well it is not.


I hired Binder and Binder after losing my first hearing. I finally had my hearing after waiting over two years and the day before I had court I was told by my attorney that she was not an attorney.I was very upset.

Needless to say I lost my hearing. The judge made the decision in Feb and I just recvd it in the mail yesterday, May 6th. the caseworker said we would file an appeal but i think I need to fire them.

Im concerned as my current income is very limited and they did nothing to help me with my case. I had atleast five case workers and I feel like my case was not presented properly!


sorry about the new balance post it has nothing to do with this social security lol..I have charcois joints in both feet, which means the bones are broke, i have foot pain so bad its incredible..I won my social security case after being denied the first time..I went to a law firm who only had 1 lawyer, and he only charged me 5 grand out of my 42 grand total.. :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


I bought a pair of hiking boots from new balance and they didnt fit, so i returned them..Well after 15 months they still have not recieved them in the mail..I did not follow there return policy by printing off the return sticker because i dont have a printer, so i returned them through the usps, idk what ever happened from cleveland to there, but someone must of helped there selves to the big NB on the box, and now im out 160 bucks..never return anything without following company policy!!! :upset :upset :upset


after 8 years i finally won my case with a different lawyer,but got skrewed. my lawyer and the law judge deciding my case practiced law together.

the judge deemed me disabled in 2002 but said he lost my papers . i was so upset i started crying, my lawyer took me in the hallway,and when my husband saw me got up to come to my side ,my lawyer waved him back. with me crying and not knowing what was going on he said the law judge afford to go back to 2005 and my lawyer told me to take it bcause if i ndidnt i would probably lose my case. after fighting for so many years losing my house and without my husband to disscuss this with i said yes.

at the time i felt it wrong but i figured my lawyer was protecting me. i now know he was protecting social securitys admin. law judge and skrewed me. they said they lost my papers up to 2005, but i had them.

can i go back or do i just take the skrwing. the admin. law judge even slowed my finishing of my case by trying to get my lawyer 1500, more then he was allowed to get, does this seem right? can i go back and file a coplaint for the rest of my back pay.

It staTES RIGHT IN THE COURT DRAFTS THAT i was deemed disabled in 2002? thanks


Yes b/c 28 y/os w/ lumbago and mild depression are disabled. Sure.

We don't deny 95% either. Statistically it is around 65%. And not only that, do you really want to be disabled anyway?

Again, anyone w/ average intelligence and a little bit of motivation can fill out the forms. It isn't that difficult.


Yes b/c 28 y/os w/ lumbago and mild depression are disabled. Sure.

We don't deny 95% either. Statistically it is around 65%. And not only that, do you really want to be disabled anyway?

Again, anyone w/ average intelligence and a little bit of motivation can fill out the forms. It isn't that difficult.


And assuming you are working hard, to what end? I doubt you are really seeing much of the fruits of your "labors", most of the monies are going to your corporate masters Charlie and Harry, correct so they can lead a lavish lifestyle up in New York?


P.S. What does working hard have to do with integrity?

I fail to see the nexus.

The *** worked hard at exterminating people too? Does that make what they did any more honorable?


Of course you don't work at the federal court level, that would entail actual legal work, e.g. citing cases and arguing before a federal judge, not an administrative judge or a hearings officers. Actual lawyers do those kind of things.


You feel sorry for all of the drunks, low lives, pimps, rapists, pedophiles, drug addicts, and disease ridden whores who really have nothing wrong with them other than being lazy? I feel sorry for the people who are legitimately disabled and guess what, they usually end up being an allowance.


The day we see an actual lawyer from B&B doing actual legal work (filing a complaint, citing cases and statutes) you tell me.) They basically get flunkies (w/o law degrees) to make phone calls and they actually inhibit the process. I was a lawyer and B&B is not a law firm or does anything remotely related to "real" legal work. They are scam artists looking for a handout.


Please listen to the above posts. I made the huge mistake of not checking & this was absolutely the WORST firm I could have represented myself to Disability.

I had 6 different people working on the case. None forwarded the hospital. doctor or follow up reports. I had the adjudicater calling me at home.

When I explained how important this was to my not being put in dire financial trouble they said they would be working hard. Well I received my correspondence in the mail from SS & I was denied for injuries not severe enough. I broke my neck, back & fractured my skull. I am not allowed to drive or fly.

The only worse injuries would have been total paralysis or death. Binder still has not called me & let me know that I was denied.

That was one week ago. Don't walk away from these crooks...RUN.


BUYER BEWARE! Never ever hire this company to take on your disability.

They make you sign a contract that says that if you win they get paid. Which means when this company does absolutely nothing to help you and you hire someone else to take the case then when you win , Binder and Binder gets their money for the work the other attorney did for you. Social Security does nothing to help you on levys set by this company however, they do agree they have many many complaints reguarding this company. They will do nothing to help you and when you call them they do not know who you are as they switch employees frequently and your case gets switched from one to another to another.

Trust me , I now have 58 dollars a month for 3 years levied out of my disability going to these scam artists. Dont make the same mistake I made~!!!!


I also was majorly ripped off by Binder and Binder..I hired them while I was in the process of getting my disability. Already, 2.5 years worth of work had gone into my case.

I had a hard time getting them on the phone, and when I did , someone NEW had my case and had no idea as to what was going on with it. I finally got fed up and took the case on myself. I won, and had fired Binder and Binder but they filed a garnishment of 25% against my earnings. Now I pay them 58 dollars a month for absolutely nothing that they did.

The Social Security administration said they were very aware of their name and their practices of ripping people off but unfortunately could not reverse the levy on my account. I would not ever recommend these people. Please think twice before hiring them. They get you to sign a contract saying if you dont win they dont get paid.

AND when you get mad that they do nothing and hire someone else they still have this contract and when the other attorney wins for you they will get the money for someone elses work. BUYER BEWARE!!


This is a response for the adjudicator guy.

Trust me, were working hard on these cases. Yes we just gather paperwork, and medical records, but trust me, it makes it easier on the client. We have been very successful with all these cases, and unfortunaltey, you all are quick to deny cases that should be awarded based on the meds alone.

We also do not handle just the Initial App and the Recon levels so get that straight. We handle every level of claims. Not so much federal court, but everything up to the Appeals Council. Half of the people that come to us, are better off becuse SSA makes them wait a long time, and never returns calls. I would know, I handle screaming clients all day because their calls to their local office or the a/c are not returned.

If the jobs were done right on your end, we wouldnt be in business, trust me. All the scammers would be weeded out, and all the deserving people, who honestly need it, would have the income they deserve.

Try again before you talk about a company you barely know anything about, and look around at your surroundings, and realize that 95% of the claimants get wrongfully denied... OR THE CLAIM GETS LOST IN YOUR OFFICES!!!

I do understand that were annoying with our phone calls, but we get the job done.


Figures that a *** bureaucrat wouldn't have a clue as to what actually gets done by reps, both in general and at B&B in particular. It's not just filling out forms, etc. Once things get out of the initial application or reconsideration stages, a *lot* of law is actually involved (Code of Federal Regulations, the Administration's own rulings, case law both pertinent to the circuit and otherwise). And, just like with all things involving law, having a lawyer or advocate trained in said law is more helpful than taking the DIY approach. I've seen some of the wonderful "work" done by lesser advocates, many of whom work for legal aid societies and the like, and they couldn't argue their way out of a wet paper sack. I've seen briefs sent to the Appeals Council that are shorter than most Post-It notes I write. Glaring, raging incompetence.

Having representation makes a big difference. Some judges are content to bully clients about at a hearing, and subsequently deny good cases, doing so with impunity because nobody is there to defend the client by preserving the record for an appeal. Further, I've seen instances where "specialists" indicate that clients are only capable of performing light work, and then fail to apply the applicable Rule and grant the case. Without a rep that's cognizant of all the regs and rules, such egregious miscarriages of justice would go unnoticed and shuffled back into bureaucratic obfuscation.

I do good work developing cases, keeping the blatant idiocy of the SSA in check, and getting clients what they deserve. I work hard, certainly harder than the foot-draggers and clock-watchers at the Administration, and actually feel sympathy and empathy for my clients. While not everybody is satisfied with the services we provide, the overwhelming evidence demonstrates that we get the job done. Doing so actually requires hard work and perseverance, something the toadies in the Administration sorely lack.


send me comments about b&b


Hey everyone, I hope I am not imposing, but I feel it necessary to tell the whole story on my part. The problem I have, is owing money to social security and ssi.

I'm a 26 year old student who was put on disability back in 2006 due to lymphoma. It was an acute form of cancer and yes I had to go through the who *** of chemotherapy. Medicaid and medicare were the only health benefits I had, and without them I would be quite literally dead. After my 6 months of serious treatment i had to get a monthy treatment chemo treatment in addition to thousands of pills for the year.

And for the next two years after the main treatment, I had to finish each year with another serious treatment. (Those kind of treatments that keep you hospitalized for 5 days strait) Now, as of Jan 2009, I was finished with ever taking a serious treatment. But still had to spend the rest of 2009 doing monthly chemo treatments and taking the pills.

Thanks to God I am all finished, but at this point SS is telling me since I could have worked in Jan 2009, I owe them thousands of dollars. Now what do I do?


B & B rate success by taking on cases they know they can win. They will not take on cases with a high risk of losing.

That means they take cases of people with severe impairments with low education and high age. Young guys that are ticking timebombs may not fit. Someone at almost 500#, yes, but for SSI only, no.

Find a non-attorney rep you can trust for that or Legal Aid. The best way to win a SSA disability case is to know you are disabled first (not just think you are).

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