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my sick wife contacted binder and binder over 4 years ago, promised her to take care of her case, she's was seen by a judge 2 years later, he couldn't make a decision with the inexperienced lawyer, so her case went to the appeals court for 20 months, they couldn't make an decision either, her case has been moved around to so many different caseworkers, never any communication, now she has another court date coming up [with the same judge] binder...
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i had hired binder and binder two in a half years ago..i should of seen a red flag when i went into fill out the paper work..the guy i dealt with was in a hurry..and i said would i be speaking to you through this process he said no i am not the one that helps you though this..avocates that will call you and deal with your file.i am like ok. so i am not hearing anything from the office. i called up to see what was going on , i noticed i being...
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Go to a local attorney that you can talk to in person. I went to B&B & after the denial they dropped me. B&B screwed up my first ALJ hearing so bad that the SSI office in Virginia vacated her order 2 years later. Then they send you back to the same judge & they will just make-up more evidence as they will never admit they were wrong. I had a different local attorney but had a hard time finding one as I found out I had drawn the worst ALJ in...
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I had chosen binder and binder two years ago to help me with getting my ssi benefites. The first thing I noticed that was off about them was I had a case manager always saying we can't get the information from your dr office ..we will need you to go get it. When the Dr went to charge them a fee for the Dr notes they needed..binder and binder said oh no we don't pay the client that responsible for all the fees. That didn't seem right to...
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Working with B&B they advised my father that theyd have no problem winning the case after recieving numerous denials, sending any and all infornation they needed, i called to check on any progress on my case.They were very upset that i had called but told me wverything was normal/okay and theyd let me know when i needed to do anything to move forward, not even a week later i recieved a letter stating that B&B had DROPPED my case. No reason...
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