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I am currently employed at Binder and Binder and want to warn anyone considering working for the company or using them for your disability case.

First i'll let you know how Harry and Charles Binder treat their employees then tell you why the employees working here say we would never recommend Binder and Binder to anyone needing representation for their disability claim.

Let me start by pointing out how ironic it is that the company that is supposed to fight for it clients right for disability and continued health coverage does not provide affordable health insurance to its employees.

They do "offer" health insurance after 90 days but for a single employee the deduction per paycheck is $180.00. That is $360.00 per month out of check. With the average starting pay for the majority of the employees being $12.00 and hour that is not possible for most therefore the majority of employees do not have health insurance.

This is on top of $12.00 per paycheck union dues that you are required to pay and ofter times more is deducted "accidentally" and getting it corrected is difficult as the company has no human resources department and does not provide you with telephone numbers for anyone at the union.

As an employee you are required to work 36 hours a week in order to accrue sick or vacation pay. Therefore if you are actually sick one day before you have "earned" for the current month or need to take a few hours off for a doctors appointment or to care for a sick child then you don't "earn" any paid time off the following month.

Additionally if you call in for the day because your child is sick you will not accrue as the company policy will not pay you your sick pay unless you are actually sick and have a doctors note stating so.

This means that an employee could realistically work an entire year without earning any sick or vacation pay. This hardly seems legal but when you try to discuss it with management are told "if you don't like it then leave".

Employees are required to punch in and out on a time clock. If you ever forget to punch in or out correctly you are suspended for a day without pay. If it happens a second time you are suspended for 3 days without pay.

Three times and you are "fired".

If you punch in 1 minute after you are supposed to you are docked 15 minutes from your pay however should you work 15 minutes after your supposed to you are not paid for it.

The company does not offer performance evalutations therefore raises are only given once a year during the month of October. If you have not been employed for one year by that October you must wait the next October before you can get a raise. So if you were hired in November as I was you must wait 2 years for a 50 cent raise.

You are told as an employee that should you ever be "let go" Harry Binder will fight your unemployment insurance even if it means having to go to court and that you as the employee will lose. Also if you quit the company even in good standing they will not hire you back as a "policy".

This really isn't a problem as no one who quits ever tries to come back.

There are so many questionable policies the company practices however I will tell you what will happen to you should you decide to use the company for your disability claim.

First let it be know that Binder and Binder is considered the McDonalds of disability firms as they are all about numbers and will take pretty much any case whether it be a good one or not.

This has a negative affect on you as a client as most case workers assigned to assist in your claim have over 300 clients.

What this means to you as a client is that your case will more then likely not be worked on for months at a time. Therefore by the time a client gets scheduled for a hearing before a judge your case does not have enough evidence to win your case.

Secondly with the above mentioned horrible company policies the employee turnover is so high that you may literally have 5 or more caseworkers assigned to your case causing evidence to be lost and cases being ignored until another employee can be hired to work on your case.

This is just the beginning, I will continue this later so look for more to come soon.

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I attest everything you have said.


Yea, they give that BS speech to everyone about the breaks bc they go w the flow of it but if anyone looked up the state laws or ever knew who the "shop keeper" of the Union(if there is an actual Union) things would have to change


I have a case pending at the judge level. I thought that was the last level but reading the comments, it's not.

What can I do to ensure this gets approved or what can I do to stop the case? It's coming up on 2 years and I'm tired of them hounding my doctors. I can sense my doctors are getting tired of all the request by their comments to me.

What inside information can I use to motivate binder and binder to get my case approved? Help...

to helpplease2015 Justice, Illinois, United States #1061423

Fee petition or waived due to you feeling you are not getting the assistance needed.


don't waste your time with binder and binder. they do nothing for you and you never hear from them. so sorry we started with them in the first place.


Everything mentioned above is TRUE. 100%. The union is ***, the Manager and Deputy Manager of the Hauppauge Office are very unprofessional and Chuck and Harry dont give a *** about their employees.


I was an employee in New York City. The review is very accurate, but I have more to add. They took away the breaks for the employees. It was stated that the HR dept would have trouble calculating the figures. However, the California offices had breaks because it was required by state law. The problem was that the union, which the employees paid dues to, didn't fight this. One of the problems was that the union representatives were the supervisors, who would not fight for the employees' rights.

Also, there are a lot of ex-felons working for the company. That's one of the reasons they can treat people like ***. The ex-felons are too happy to have jobs in which they can sit at a desk.

The company is also has racist hiring practices. The Writers are all white. There was one East Indian lady, who was a writer. Charles Binder harassed the black lady, who ended up quitting. In the meantime, the white

Writers treated the Case Managers like peons. All the supervisors of the Case Managers were Latinos.

In the office manager's office (who did not have any HR background) there were 6 huge television screens in which she monitored all the activities of the employees. It was a horrible work environment. :sigh

to Former Employee #1353478

This is actually true. It was basically segregation.

But the writers all acted like open minded inclusive liberals. I got the feeling the only minority group they actually accepted was homosexuals, and only white homosexuals.

They were a really wierd bunch of liberal hipster discriminators. That didnt realize they were ultra conservative hacks that had a few *** friends,


Thanks for the inside info. on B&B.

I was about to make the call and after reading this I think I just avoided a train wreck! So sorry for all your troubles with these creeps.


everyone knows the more times you get denied the bigger you first check is when you get approved... as you receive a retroactive payment from the first time you applied therefor the bigger your check the bigger cut they get out of it. once again corporate fat cats munchin on the souls of the poor and disabled...

to just saying Cairo, Georgia, United States #664117

The percentage is still the same. They get more, yes....but so do you. This is governed by SSI not B& B.

to David Lake Forest, California, United States #943920

fees may be governed by ss but i believe binder&binder allowed my case to go to the federal level as i am now finding out there is not the $6k cap on their fees when the federal appeals level is reached. so not only did i go without disability payments for several years and was unable to get the medical the coverage i would have been entitled to for all my medical expenses during those years, but now b&b is trying to take 25% of both mine and my kids awards which amounts to over $21k.

the way i was represented during the first appeal hearing (before reaching federal level) was in stark contrast to the way i was represented at the second hearing (after reaching federal level). it was not just a little better, i noticed a huge difference in representation by b&b during the second hearing and after it concluded i continued to say to myself and my family how much of a difference there was just based on my own perception. obviously the same ALJ who presided over both hearings felt so also because he approved my claim with the same medical evidence.

i truly believe it was a calculated strategy by b&b in their financial favor and would not doubt it for one second if the same thing is happening to many of their other clients.

i am in the phase now where i have to try and dispute their fees if i don't agree, which i definitely do not agree. only now have i researched b&b and with what i have read as well as dealt with personally, i really wish i would have hired a local attorney.


Read the Wall Street Journal and then make your decision on whether to hire this advocate company. They earned 88 million bucks.

They gave their employers a luncheon, no type of Xmas bonus. This says alot about who they are. They are getting rich off the disable disable. They do not pay for medical evidence.

They do not do applications online which is much quicker and more reliable. Maybe it cost a bit more and this will mean what, less money to line their already deep pockets.

If they do not care about their employers why should they care about the disable. Think about it.


:sigh afterreading the complaints,about how they do their employees,noway they truly are a rippoff,im a very wellknown musician artist,i'll pass this on ,tweeter,facebook,youtube as a warning ofcourse,they need to research it like I did,thankyou everyone


well i just started with binder binder so i will how they work,, well my friend won a case with them,, but she still waiting on her money she was approve for SSD she told me that they have a check , but the holding it cause they waiting n for SSI,, which is pending,, i hope they don't do that too me,, is it true they really do that...


I also was a B&B employee, Out of all of my jobs in my life this one was the worst ever!!! Everything that is said on top is true!!!.

This awfull company hires anyone from the streets, welfare, unemployment, its the most guettoooooist company in this world. All the writers caseworkers and supervisers are all on drugs, I garantee if they all take drug test 95% of them will fail!!! Thank god I left this horribe job.

Clients and future workers run , run as far as possibe, don't let this firm represent YOU!!!!!, As far as the union, it is total bull$+%%$.



to wrstjobever #632812

was fired just today from this *** hole. everyone knows and talks openly about the drug problem.

the management and supervisors all snort coke, sleep with each other and other employees, and most of them have a criminal record, i.e. ex prostitutes and felons.

do you really want these people handling your sensitive information?! they don't even make an effort to dispose of client information properly. things like your social security number?

address? personal medical/mental health info?

those can be accessed by anyone... :roll


I have a case pending with B&B, they tell us not to worry about the government, you have enough to worry about, and that is correct; I have to worry about B&B handling my case correctly. Before my second denial, B&B had not collected all of my medical records or submitted all of them, therefore, I was denied and they knew this decision was coming, but did nothing about it. so now, I am in my 23rd month now just hanging in "limbo"....

to Bobby Lynch Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1262438

they ran all of mine through denial and my case writer never wrote the case letter he just kept asking for more and more and more and more paperwork, i gave him prolly 2 *** trees worth of paper.and i even had a letter from my senator marking me congressional critical. now i have to physically take ssdi to court to prove my case myself, or go back to work for 5 years and then start my entire case over with a fresh filing.

its bs, and im stage 4 kidney failure with chronic kidney disease in both kidneys, plus im allergic to 21 of 25 foods and 19 of 25 environmentals. search mike king on gofundme kidney relief fund lakeland florida... according to the ssdi guideline stage 4 automatically approves you for ssdi. i started my filing in 2011.

i now have to try and find a job after 5 years of dealing with drs and my sickness and get back to work so i can get 700$ a month and 1 year credit backpay, when binder and binder just cost me $790 a month and 5 years back pay.

so yep im a good $25,000 in medical debt as well. top notch place...


everything said above is true, I use to work for them for 2 years and its the worst office I have ever worked for in my life, They let people with criminal records work for them and are very unprofessional. They dont care about their clients and all they care about is the money they will receive if the win a case. I wouldnt recommend Binder and Binder to anyone.

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