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I won a settlement with social security with Binder & Binder. Almost two years afterward social security contacted me and said I was overpaid by over $6,000.

I contacted Binder & Binder since they were the ones who represented me and asked for help. They said if I contact them within a year for overpayment they could represent me but they were not responsible or liable to help afetr a year. The problem here is that Social Security did not contact me for almost two years after I won my case. Binder and Binder abandoned me and now I have to find a way to pay Social Security over $6,000 or I won't be able to collect Social Security after I retire.

This means I have not only been left out in the cold by Binder and Binder but will also be by Social Security after I retire. It goes without saying my money has been gone for some time and I cannot pay this back.

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:upset actually steve when they overpaid my hubby they took only a little out of his check every month until it was paid back so he could still get his benefits every month yes we miss the little extra money but social security was willing to work with us so that we werent out on the streets. Good luck to you.


What you need is a good,reliable, honest attorney, Good Luck!


Big steve, feel lucky: I was awarded benefits for a closed period too but SSA awarded me monthly benefits. I called both SSA and B&B to ask if they were sure I was able to collect this and both said yes, indicating B&B did not even read the ALJ's judgement.

They do NO followup after the hearing, if they had someone should have caught the error. After 15 months, SSA "caught" their "error" and is now demanding I pay their overpayment of over $52,000 in back benefits. It is clearly SSA's mistake but they don't care and have the heavy iron heel of government behind them. I will be contacting my congressman because this is an expensive mistake and I don't want some *** SSA slug getting a big bonuse for screwing me over when it was their mistake in the first place.

Oh yeah, the other thing was that it was all totally retroactive!

I didn't even know I was getting a thing until late '08, and now they want overpayments back to late '07. The whole thing defies belief.

I need a real attack dog lawyer to take this case and defend me from government.

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