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I hired Binder and Binder 2 handle my case by Iam reading all the complains on them iam afraid iam trusting them. If i cant trust them who do i trust.

Do anyone know a good lawyer because is crazy that u hired a lawyer and they do u wrong. What do disable people like myself do. Iam tried of fighting SSI. And now iam reading that i may have to fight these laywer dam life really does suck.

Does anyone have nice things to say about Binder and Binder.I not reading any good things. Someone please write back

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You will need to do some research in your area to find good help -- a lawyer. My sister hired a local lawyer who specializes in this type of SSI claims.

He did a good job for her and charged her the amount that was agreed. It wasn't cheap, but was fair.

You will NOT be happy with B & B. Fire them immediately.

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