If you plan on filing for SSDI avoid them. Hire a Reputable Lawyer locally.

I hired them in Jan of 2011 and was denied twice. The first time was due to inaccurate or missing documentation. The same information that I had made sure they had. When I complained they told me that they were placing me with another advocate, one who would do their job.

Like a fool, I trusted them. The second denial was based on the same thing, I called 22 times in 15 days to make sure we were on top of the paperwork and had it all in line....Guess what? They screwed up again. After the first denial I started to record every conversation and asked for everything in writing.

I had three doctors, a family doctor, a Endocrinologist and a Neurosurgeon who all wrote letters stating that I was 100% disabled. I went back to each doctor and got updated letters submitted them to Binder and to the SS myself. While waiting on the Admin.Judge a social security Lawyer called and settled my case after more than 2 years! So these monkeys will get 6k for nothing.

If you sign with them you are screwed. Don't do it.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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