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THIS IS A WARNING:i have my degree in pre-law and while going to law school, i work at binder and binder and i must say it is not the ideal work environment. in addition to being overworked, under-appreciated and underpaid, they forced me to get a circumcision.

and by forced, i mean they held me down and circumcised me. they closed the door behind me in one of their conference rooms and locked me in before overpowering me. this all occurred during my orientation.

during my orientation. it was the worst first day on the job i've ever had

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #334475



How did they know you had a *** in the first place?


o.m.g. !!!!!!!!

that's all i have to say. what a jack *** !!!


WOW!I was just looking for a non biased opinion on how ethical and successful B&B are. I had no idea they were *** hungry cowboy cannibals!

Regardless of how poor or broke you are/were you surely know its not okay for other grown men to touch your peepee right? Or is sexual assult education a thing of the past?




What?? that's probably the most ridiculous post i've read...ever!

"Forced?" What?

Sounds like you're posting some sick fantasy here to guage reactions.

Cowboy hat? Midnight cowboy fantasy maybe?

Go post your words where they fall on eyes happy to read them.


I, for one, believe Sparksmcdougal. I don't see how that is so far-fetched that no one would believe his story. This is one of those stories that is so out there that it has to be true.

How long have you worked there now? Have they done anything else to you? Did they at least do a decent circumcision? What method did they use to perform the did they do it?

I'm doing research for a book I'm writing about horror stories in the workplace and I would LOVE to hear more of this story. Would you please email me with the horrific details of what exactly happened? You can email me at

Thank you!


well maybe you live in a dream world where you have jobs just falling out of the sky that don't involve being mutilated by someone with NO medical training. but for those of us in the real world, sometimes you just have to suck it up and get back to work. at least, that's what they told me

Francavilla Fontana, Puglia, Italy #267023

Do you serously believe that any half-educated person would beleive that you were mistreated and assaulted by the company you work for and are STILL an employee...Are you a ***? Get a life!


Ok, so in your fantasy, you where forcibly circumcised, and yet you went back to work? You, my tripping friend, are either employee of the year, or the biggest imbecile ever to grace the planet.


Sparksmcdougal- dude, you are obviously on some major drugs or have a psychiatric disorder.... if you were in-fact circumcised, you got a police report for assault and had them prosecuted, rrrriiiiggghhhtttt!!!!!!?????


what an ***, why don't you tell us all about the time when aliens abducted you??!!! hahaha What a freakin loser, please don't waste everyone's time with these ridiculous posts!!!!


laugh if you want. you're not the one who was gelded by some freak in a cowboy hat


You no more have a degree in law (any law) than I do. Your complaint is so absurd it's laughable. One would have to be a complete incompetent *** to not only believe your sh1t but to even write something as asinine as this.

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