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They said I never sent my medical bills in. Ya right!

I was awarded my disability but have an offset. Therefore I do not get any amount of money, due to an Worker Compensation Case that I do not have and never had, but Binder and Binder did not help me at all on this matter. Now, they want a thousand dollars from me since Social Service will not give them anything because I never received anything. Binder and Binder did not want to go through appeals with me, but said they would collect from Social Services and for me not to worry about it because that is how they get money from Social Services.

Three months later Binder and Binder wants a thousand dollars from me. I have asked them to send me a letter of what they have done for me and why I should pay the money. Three weeks later, a lady from Binder and Binder calls and request the same thing, and I again ask for it to be in letter form.

The lady was of foreign decent and hard to understand. I do not trust them at all and request all communication in letter form in case of pending litigration.

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Absolutely right, you are asking for the correct things (done for you and why the bill is legit) and in writing only. Tell them you will not deal on the phone. Good work!

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