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i was unable to work apr 2004 and called b&b oct 2004.

on apr 3rd, was t-boned and broke everything from my neck to my toes ;ie shoulder,humerous,crushed elbow,broken arm,shatterd pelvis,femur(in four places),knee,tibia,three ribs and two toes. i have 17 screws 2 brackets, 2 pieces of wire and a 1 ft rod...just in pelvis.

had my first hearing was aug 2006, and found out my caseworker was fired, for not updating files, mine one of them. i went to hearing in a wheelchair,unable to walk till dec, and nothing was said about the wreck i was in(they said it was seperate case from first and could'nt stack cases)

well 2 yrs and getting charged for TWO cases($1200.00), won but they only went back to the date of wreck. DO NOT USE THEM.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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The government deciding that you were disabled at the time of your car wreck and not before can hardly be blamed on the lawyer.

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