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This company is going through CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY!!!



Original review posted by user Jan 06, 2015

First and foremost this is NOT a complaint, but an awareness raising eye opener!

Binder and Binder (nor ANY OTHER disability advocacy company and or law firm) does NOT have any power over SSA or their time frames! This is a FEDERALLY REGULATED PROCESS and they can take as much time as they want on making a decision. They are backlogged NATIONWIDE, from California to New York. So, no matter who you go with, you will be waiting the same amount of time.

The approximate (but very close) time frames are as follows:

1st stage - 6 months for a decision (60 days to appeal)

2nd stage - 6 months for a decision (60 days to appeal)

3rd stage (hearing) - 12 months to get a scheduled hearing date

You could have 5 Doctors, 500 pages of medical records and the BEST representation (B&B), but unless your Doctors are putting in THEIR support for YOUR claim IN WRITING, you don't have a leg to stand on when confronting the SSA and trying to claim your benefits, no matter what your age or condition! The old saying 'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink' applies.

There are only two ways you can get granted sooner than the aforementioned time frames:

1st - Dire Need (you must show proof that your place of residence has become uninhabitable or you are being evicted.

2nd - If you meet a listing on the SSA's Compassionate allowance list (Rare, Terminall illnesses that usually deem an individual to live less than 1 year)

IF the dire need is granted, the above time frames will be halved at best.

IF it is medically proven that a claimant has a condition that will end their life within a year or so, they may be granted much sooner. (Stage 4 cancer etc.)

I empathize with all of the citizens who have to wait so long for the benefits that are rightfully theirs, but unfortunately that is the way things are and that doesn't give anyone the right to bad mouth any company that was HIRED to do everything for them! You have to deal with the time frames just like everyone else.

Binder and Binder has both Attorneys AND advocates that work for the company, I have YET to come across a Representative that works for B&B who does not care about winning every single case and getting benefits for those who are truly deserving and have the proper medical support. They come to work early, stay late, drive and fly out of state to hearings regularly to represent claimants who just want to maintain a decent way of life.

All advocates hired are properly and thoroughly trained to win every case that is assigned to them. Different cities and states obviously have different Administrative Law Judges (ALJ's) with different moral standards, different points of view and higher or lower grant rates. All of these factors combined plus the evidence provided by a claimant (and their treating physicians) and the way it is PRESENTED to the ALJ by the Representative, determine the outcome for each individual case! Think about that the next time you want to voice your e-opinion.

Binder and Binder is THE BEST in the country at what they do. (that's the bottom line, get it? got it? good.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Binder And Binder Attorney.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Case worker, Advocate, Representative.

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