under binder & binder complaint category, i saw the posting from Linda (oct 18th) and wondered if you would be willing to share the name and contact info on the attorney she thought did a good job? i recently had a change of my situation and to need to file for social security disability and frankly the prospect of doing this is daunting.

if anyone else has advice for someone just starting the process i am open to all ideas. and if anyone else has a recommendation on great lawyers or professional representation do not hesitae to contact me as well

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does anyone int

the stamford, ct area know of a attorney to help me? on a contingency basis.

i have full blown aids, decompesating liver chirrosis, chronic pancreatis, at present i am in stamford hospital with interan bleeding.

i no longer can move around or do menial activities due to conditions and numerous side effect from the 20+ pills i need on a daily basis. i can be contacted at mlots2010@hotmail.com


File your claim with SS. Dont get an attorney until they turn you down.

No sense waisting money until your turned down, if you get turned down.

Usuallly attorneys take 30% of your backpay. Plenty of ambulance chasers out there just look in the phone book.

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