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called and receptionist said BanaB could not help!WHAT PArt of stroke and total left side paralysis didn't the *** answering the phonenot understand??????? Thank you forNOTHING!!!!!

I willfind some other law firm that will help! now I am pissed at PC because I am literate and can post my complaint in 50 words PC wants me to be grossly verbose!If I were to be profane it would be directed at PC!Now, I have to come up with 27 additional words which are not needed at all!

Just some *** at PC that wants to taunt someone paralyzed! May I now rest in peace?101 word count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-jerksPC is more interested in $5.99 A MONTH FOR A pREMIUM REVIEW THAN HELPING SOMEONE WHO IS PARALYZED

Review about: Binder And Binder Attorney.

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You would have hated them anyway. Check reviews on this site.


Hush child, there are a gazillion law firms, call around till you find the one right for you. But please don't act like a bratty child because the first one you called told you they wouldn't handle your case. That is their pejorative!

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