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I am so sorry to read these reports and also grateful; I started my claim w/B&B in May 2011.Since that time I have made numerous calls to my representative, appointed me,(Karen Gadsten, from the Bronx, NY location) to give and get information.

I am told each time I call that my rep is at lunch and after all this time has not returned my calls. This is definately a red flag. What can I do, like securing another attorney, maybe? Will B&B still be able to charge me for services if I discontinue my case.

I am in dire need, in that, I filed my own claim alone in 2010.You know where that got me!


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I am getting another attorney, I just can not run the risk of dealing w/B&B any longer, the complaints are far too many and makes me afraid of these people. Since I last posted, I have also received another representative, as well.


I am so hurt and upset that I have been passed around from person to person.I canno pay my rent and have sent documentation to say so.

My doctor has filled out so many forms, he does not even want to see me any more.I am at a loss and ready for a breakdown, Please help me.

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